Passing Cyclist Almost Gets Chomped By Alligator Lunging Out Of Water

Gator cyclist

Have you ever been cycling along a gravel road next to a body of water and been attacked by an alligator? Probably not right?

Now that you’ve seen a video and know that exactly that situation could happen, would you ever try it? Again, probably not right?

Everything in this video happens so quickly, and the cyclist narrowly avoids a horrible fate by what looks like mere inches. As the biker pedals by the beautiful Florida landscape, everything seems to be business as usual, but that changes dramatically when an alligator decides to take a stab at the passing bicycle.

The alligator barely misses the back wheel of the bike, and the cyclist continues down the path possibly not even aware that the alligator emerged from the water. It appears that the video is being shot by another cyclist following closely behind who might’ve been wearing an “active movement camera” like a GoPro.

Not sure how they were able to stay so steady with the camera, but I guess they didn’t have much of a choice. They either stayed the course, bailed towards the alligator, or took their chances in the water on the left (which could also have an alligator in it).

The shocking video has been viewed over 320,000 times on Twitter:

“Nice day for a cycle…..”

I don’t live in an area with alligators or crocodiles, but just to be safe, I’m gonna stop riding my bicycle. It should be pretty easy to give up because I actually don’t own a bike. I’m just using the video to justify not exercising, if you haven’t figured that out.

Cyclists already have to look out for danger enough as it is. Now we have alligators launching themselves out of the water trying to snap at them? Not great for those who love to long distance pedal for exercise.

And by the way, social media was out in full force when leaving the comments below the video:

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