Deer Takes Out Cyclist In Arizona Mountains

Deer cyclist

This one had to hurt… A lot.

Reed Soehnel was training with his cycling team on Mt. Lemmon in Arizona when he took a nasty spill curtesy of a reckless deer who decided he’d had enough of these cyclists hogging road space.

Captured by a camera mounted on the rear of a teammates bike, you can see the deer dart across the street and throw itself directly into his bike, sending him flying and flipping through the air, eventually landing hard on the asphalt.

Fortunately, Reed was able to escape with only minor injuries, a broken bone in his left foot, road rash, and some bruises, and it appeared the deer was also okay and scampered back into the wilderness. If he’d landed directly on his head, we could have been having a much different conversation right now; thankfully he was able to roll with the impact and avoid the worst of it.

According to Daily Mail, he was back in the saddle and on the road just six days after the crash.

Like we say time and time again, always have to keep your head on a swivel, although when a deer is going to behave like this, there’s really not much you can do.

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