Kate Hudson Goes Country With Surprisingly Good Cover Of Chris Stapleton’s “White Horse”

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson

Already, 2024 is throwing some wild cards.

It appears that actress Kate Hudson is soft-launching her entrance into the music scene. Of course, we all know Kate from classic rom-com movies like How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Fool’s Gold, Me & Dupree, as well as Almost Famous, Raising Helen and more, but did anyone know she could sing? The daughter of singer/actor Bill Hudson, and well-known actress Goldie Hawn, I suppose it is in the blood, but I really had no idea.

Today, Hudson took to social media to share some behind-the-scenes images of a concert she put on, as well as some video clips. Hudson performed for an intimate crowd at Aspen’s Hotel Jerome, and from her caption, it looks like she might be taking a leap of faith to pursue a music career.

“Well, on the eve of a new year I say bring on 2024!  I vow to sing, play, and sing and love some more! Life is too short to not lean in to the things you love. Art, art, and more art. Entertainment and places and outlets we can lose ourselves in. We need it, and I’m here for it. So here’s to looking forward and not backward.

Love you all and hope you join me on this adventure cause a winds a blowing and I’m going with it.”

She also teased even more about what has been in the works on TikTok, captioning a montage of images from the evening:

“Can’t wait to share what’s been cooking for the last two-plus years, and this was me getting warmed up with some of my favorite songs. The best way to bring in New Year is with friends, family, and music.”

While these easter eggs make it sound like some music will be hitting streaming platforms, I know a formal announcement will indeed unveil what is being teased.

Her teaser posts have clips of her evening performances, including a surprisingly good cover of Chris Stapleton’s “White Horse.” Any Chris Stapleton song will have its challenges, as Stapleton’s booming vocals are hard to mimic, but Hudson accepts the challenge and gracefully delivers.

Hudson belts out the powerful lyrics while she is supported acoustically. She puts her own spin on the lyrics, making it a lady rendition of the song, and adds a little funk to the track, keeping the tempo upbeat.

I didn’t know that Kate Hudson could sing, but dang she’s got a set of pipes on her.

@thekatehudson A little lady rendition of White Horse @Chris Stapleton 🎠🤍🎠 #lovethissong ♬ original sound – Kate Hudson

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