“Sorry For All The Dad Songs” – Luke Combs Teases Emotional New Song About Fatherhood

Luke Combs country music
Luke Combs

It’s no secret that Luke Combs is in a new stage of life. A husband and a father to two little boys, country music fans have witnessed the evolution of Luke Combs the country singer in the past handful of years… as well as Luke Combs the man.

His last two albums were essentially a two-part collection of songs titled Growin’ Up and Gettin’ Old, and it would make sense that Luke’s music would reflect where he is at in life. Songs about being a dad, songs about loving you wife, and make no mistake, he can still throw down with the boys… but priorities change.

Luke recently took to social media to share another song about fatherhood, but not before apologizing for all dad songs lately. Written by Wyatt McCubbin, along with Rob Snyder and Jeff Hyde, it’s a little tune about appreciating the little moments about being a dad (even when those youngsters drive you nuts) because before you know it, they’re up and grown… and you miss it.

Luke said:

“Got sent this song a while back from Wyatt McCubbin that he wrote with Rob Snyder and Jeff Hyde. Last night it was in my head and I couldn’t sleep so I got up and messed around with it for a few hours. Been singing it to myself all morning and as I watched the boys while Nicole got a shower in, I recorded this.

Hope y’all like it and sorry for all the dad songs but that’s where I’m at these days and I couldn’t be happier about it. A lot more songs to come soon.”

As father of a little girl, and soon to be the father of a little boy, I gotta say… keep the dad songs coming, Luke.

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