Entire Vegas Golden Knights Team Got Off The Bus Dressed As Elvis For Winter Classic

Las Vegas Golden Knights

It was only right that the Las Vegas Golden Knights summoned some “Viva Las Vegas” vibes for their Winter Classic matchup against the Seattle Kraken.

You would have thought it was “Elvis Con” if you would have walked up to the bus as the Golden Knights team unloaded and headed into T-Mobile Park. Every member of the team was dressed up as the “King of Rock and Roll,” and the best part is that it appears they all ordered the same costume.

It’s not like it was a bunch of different Elvis costumes. Every single player had the exact same thing on, and the only difference amongst all of them was what they were drinking heading into the game (it looks like the team bus made a stop at Starbucks).

Those that had gathered to welcome the team into the stadium absolutely loved all of the Elvis costumes, and cheered as every last Elvis Presley got off the bus and walked into T-Mobile Park. Take a look:

That’s simply the best thing I’ve ever seen.

In case you needed another look, the Vegas Golden Knights social media team posted some still shots of the crew of Elvis’s. Something tells me that the “Burning Love” singer would have loved the tribute (was Elvis a hockey fan?).

The Winter Classic happens every year for the National Hockey League around the start of the New Year, and this season’s edition happened in Seattle at T-Mobile Park between the NHL’s two newest expansion teams (Golden Knights- 2017, Seattle Kraken- 2021).

And to put things simply, having a hockey game outside just seems right:

But unfortunately for the Vegas Golden Knights, the Elvis costumes didn’t bring them much luck. They became the first team to be shut out in the Winter Classic, thanks to an impressive 35 stops from Kraken goalie Joey Daccord.

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