Detroit Wingstops Are About To Be A Purge-Esque Dystopia Now That The Pistons Have Snapped Their 28-Game Losing Streak

Wingstop Pistons

The Detroit Pistons nearly pulled off the impossible. They almost lost 29 straight games, which would’ve been a modern NBA record. Instead, they remained tied with the 76ers of several years ago at 28 and prevailed 129-127 over the Raptors on Saturday.

The suffering is over.

Let’s look past the fact that they were aided in large part by the Raptors’ blockbuster OG Anunoby trade. Toronto was in a Twilight Zone of losing Anunoby and not having the services of Immanuel Quickley or RJ Barrett. So what? We’re talking about a Pistons squad whose best player, Cade Cunningham, has been a stud lately when he could’ve descended into full-blown nihilism.

Detroit came oh-so-close the other night to snapping the skid but blew a 21-point lead to the Celtics. At long last. They have done it. Making Monty Williams the highest-paid coach in the NBA finally kind of paid off.

Most important of all, though: You might’ve noticed that the Pistons tagged Wingstop in their post about the final score. In case you’re out of the loop on this — why would you pay attention to Pistons basketball of late beyond morbid curiosity and/or schadenfreude? — Wingstop has offered five free boneless wings to every customer once the Pistons snap their losing streak. It’s been a long time coming. They hadn’t won since October 28th. Almost took till the new year to get another dub.

With a hat tip to Sporting News for the find, this promo started making the rounds earlier this month and ultimately became something of a running joke. Best publicity ever, right?

I know the fine print technically says “with any online wing purchase” but first of all, I assume that includes pick-ups from online orders, and secondly, are these guys really about to turn away in-person customers on that offer? Just doesn’t seem to be in keeping with the spirit of the holidays.

This promo looked like it could never be redeemed for a while. They should do the right thing and honor anyone in search of five free boneless waaaaaaangs.

Based on Wingstop’s own public reaction to the likely ensuing madness, employees had better be prepared to embrace the chaos.

I can’t wait to see the absolute scenes that will transpire. Right in time for New Year’s Eve! Are we going to see people stumbling around tomorrow night, hammered and trying to redeem their five free boneless wings at Wingstop all across the greater Detroit metropolitan area!? PLEASE. I need it. What a way to start 2024 it’d be. Putting it out into the universe. Manifestation and all of that.

The fact that the Lions are so good this year means that maybe it’s too much to ask for anything Pistons-related. But anyway, I just thought all the Wingstop digs on Twitter were too funny not to pass along.

Before you dig into those — and before you lucky, suffering Pistons fans unleash on some Wingstop goodness — check out the highlights to the Pistons-Raptors thriller that unfolded on Saturday evening.


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