“That Was Way Too Much Information” – Shania Twain Tells Vegas Crowd About Losing Her Virginity At 15 While Living In A Shelter

Shania Twain
Rene Zamora

Feeling pretty comfortable on stage these days, eh Shania?

The ’90s pop country superstar kicked off her Come On Over residency at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas this past weekend. And while people online were commenting that they couldn’t even believe the pictures were actually Shania Twain, it seems that she’s embracing her look these days – and revealing a little too much on stage.

During the opening night of her residency, Shania even got into a story about how she lost her virginity at the age of 15.

Why? Who knows.

But anyway, it started when someone in the crowd shouts out that this was their 15th Shania show. And well, apparently just the mention of the number 15 reminded Shania of the time she lost her virginity at age 15:

“15th show? Oh my gosh, I love that. Fifteen, that’s when I lost my virginity.”

That’s a hell of a segue, but alright.

But apparently not content with just revealing that tidbit of personal information, Shania then feels the need to tell the story about how it happened – while she was living with her family in a battered women’s shelter in her native Canada:

“I just want to explain, because I’m not saying that’s normal. If it’s my own child that’s way too early, ok?

Let me explain, because I don’t even know why that came out, but…

We are living in a battered wives, battered woman’s shelter. This is for real. Like I’m not trying to bring it down or anything, I’m just trying to like, explain. Yeah, I’m just being real.

So me, my mother and us, five kids, we’re in a homeless…not a homeless shelter, but it’s homeless. I mean it’s a battered woman’s shelter.

And I meet this other 15-year old boy, and…no, no, he’s not from Timmins, he’s from Toronto, because the battered wives shelter is in Toronto. So that’s a 13-hour drive from Timmins to Toronto.

Anyway, it’s another long story, I’m not going to bring it down. But I just want to say that if you leave your kids alone too long and your parents are too preoccupied, you lose your virginity probably earlier than you should.

Ok that was way too much information.”

I mean, nothing like getting REAL personal with your crowd…

But regardless, it seems like fans had a blast at Shania’s residency – and obviously she feels right at home on stage.

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