“I Don’t Think Anybody Catches Wallen” – Parker McCollum On How Morgan Wallen Has Catapulted To The Top Of Country Music

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Parker McCollum thinks highly of Morgan Wallen.

The Gold Chain Cowboy tells us how he thinks Morgan Wallen‘s country sound is setting him apart from others in the game. While McCollum is a big name himself, he noted that the kind of country Wallen curates sets him apart by miles in a recent interview for the Like A Farmer Podcast. 

The Conroe, Texas native sat down with host Pat Spinosa to chat about country music, life, and more. During the interview, Spinosa asked McCollum who he thought was currently “at the top,” and McCollum was quick to respond that his friend Morgan Wallen was at the top.

“I don’t think anybody ever catches Wallen. 

I know it’s a different kind of country. It’s a lot more hip-hop based. So, if you really care to dissect it that much, which I don’t. I don’t really care what people call certain kinds of music, you know? If I believe it, when they open their mouth and sing it, and I believe them…”

McCollum notes that he does not care what sub-genre of country artists fall into, but they have to sell what they are singing. He continues to draw ties to other top performers who also sell what they are singing.

“I believe Morgan when he sings those songs. I buy it. I believe Lainey Wilson when she sings… I get what you’re putting down. And it’s not that way for everybody.”

I see McCollum’s point very much. If Wallen were to sing Colter Wall songs and vice versa, I bet it would be a total flop. The songs are phenomenal, but neither of their sounds fit each other.

While Morgan Wallen might not be everyone’s cup of tea, you must admit he has cracked the code. He has created a fan base that strongly resonates with his sound and messaging, and they will back every song he releases.

Is he gonna win a Grammy anytime soon? No, but filling up stadiums every night is quite the consolation prize…

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