Nick Saban Is So Afraid Of Michigan Stealing Signs That Alabama Players Can’t Watch Film On Their Own Tablets

Nick Saban

Should we just go ahead and proactively vacate Michigan’s national championship? Just in case they make a run in the College Football Playoffs and win the whole thing?

The Alabama Crimson Tide will face off against the Michigan Wolverines on New Year’s Day after Nick Saban’s squad snuck into the final spot of the four-team playoff. I like that the CFP committee didn’t let Florida State into the playoffs because the Seminoles lost their quarterback, but they decided to look the other way with Michigan, you know, being wrapped up in a cheating scandal all year.

That cheating concern has now leaked into the College Football Playoffs, with Head Coach Nick Saban and the rest of the Alabama coaching staff telling their players not to watch football on their personal tablets out of fear of Michigan’s sign stealing. The “Catapult film system” that players would usually personally use and access is apparently off limits, and the Crimson Tide are only watching film as a team.

Alabama wide receiver Isaiah Bond spoke to the media about it ahead of their matchup in the Rose Bowl, saying:

“It’s the app that will record film off of practice and stuff like that. And they (Michigan) were looking at other people’s play calls like their hands signals. It was like the first eight games or something like that.

We was able to watch film with the team, but personally, we can’t watch film because like, I don’t know, for some reason with Michigan stealing signs. But I’m not really too keen on all that.”

So naturally, this is going to go one of two ways now.

Either Alabama will come out and dominate the Wolverines, and everyone will say “Saban is a genius, Michigan couldn’t steal signs and they got humiliated,” or Michigan will win the game, and Alabama will say that “not being able to watch film really hurt them.”

Nothing like some built in excuses before the big game…

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