NC State Coach Dave Doeren Says He’s Chasing His Pop-Tart With Bourbon If His Team Wins The Pop-Tart Bowl

NC State Pop Tart Bowl
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Breakfast of champions right there.

Say what you will about college football bowl season, but the sponsor tie-ins for these bowl games are unmatched.

I mean, just last night we saw WVU coach Neal Brown get doused with mayonnaise after his team beat UNC in the Duke’s Mayo Bowl.

Well North Carolina State head coach Dave Doeren is safe from having any condiments dumped on his head if his team wins the Pop Tart Bowl this evening, which will see NC State match up against Kansas State.

But the Pop Tart Bowl does have an edible trophy for the winner – and the winning coach will be chowing down on Pop Tarts after the game.

But it doesn’t sound like Doeren is a huge fan of Pop Tarts. When asked earlier this month whether he would be partaking in the celebratory breakfast pastry if NC State pulls off the win in the bowl game, Doeren was committed – but also had some questions:

“Man, I guess I would have to, wouldn’t I? I’m not gonna be the guy that doesn’t do that. What flavor is it gonna be?”

And while the bowl wouldn’t divulge the flavor of the Pop Tart at the time, Doeren said that he would just chase it down with some bourbon after eating the trophy:

“Can I chase down the Pop Tart with a nice bourbon or something like that afterwards? Is that part of the Pop Tart experience or not?”

I mean, it can be if you want it to be, coach.

And yesterday, Doeren reiterated that he intended to chase the Pop Tart with some bourbon if NC State comes out on top:

“Yeah, a hundred percent.”

Man I love bowl season.

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