Fearless Weiner Dog Squares Up With Moose To Protect Its Owner

Moose charges man in snow

Dogs are known as man’s best friend, and in this instance, man’s best body guard.

It never hurts to have a dog, big or small, by your side. Not only do they provide companionship, they can also step in and act as a guard dog when you need it most. Like when you are walking in your front driveway and you get attacked by a wild moose…

That might not be the most relatable example, but it’s exactly what happened to this man as he walked outside of his home. Whatever he was doing with his pet dachshund (maybe getting his mail, walking to his car) was quickly brought to a halt when a wild moose charged right at the man and his dog.

In the video, the man slowly walks down his snowy driveway and past a truck, and somehow doesn’t see a large moose standing right across the street. With his dog following right behind him, it was ready to burst into action if its owner needed help, and once the moose came running at them, the dog did just that.

The dog owner lunged backwards as their little dog went on the offensive against the moose. I’d say that the attack was successful, though I don’t think it was the “sheer force” the dachshund exerted that pushed the moose back. It was more likely the surprise factor (the moose thinking “what the hell is this little thing?”) as the small pet valiantly fought against the much larger wild animal.

Luckily, no humans or dogs were harmed in the video below, since the pet owner was able to call off the fight (and get their dog back into the house) before things got too serious. As social media has been saying as of late, that little dachshund has “that dog in ’em.”

Check it out:

Without security camera footage, I’m not sure I would have believed a story about a weiner dog facing off against a moose (and technically winning).

It was definitely hard for people to believe in the comments section of the post. Those who viewed the video could barely believe their eyes as they were simultaneously happy for the little guard dog:

“Doggo tried so hard but couldn’t jump high enough. Cute and mighty.”

“The little dog was super brave! He sprung right into action with no hesitation.”

“He ran up as soon as the moose did and didn’t back down. Little guy has heart.”

“Doggo went right after the threat and could barely reach it’s ankles. What a warrior.”

“How you walk outside and don’t see a whole big ass moose?”

Now THAT is a fair question, and one that only the man in the video would be able to answer…

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