Brave Dog Leaps Into Action When Owner Is Attacked By A Wounded Wild Boar

Boar attacks hunter
BS Action Channel

That is one good boy right there.

In a way, I feel I was a bit cheated growing up because I didn’t have a dog.

Sure, plenty of my friends and family members had them so I was by no means insulated from them, but I never had one of my own and can’t fully relate to what the bond between a person and man’s best friend is.

But I’ve seen plenty of examples of a dog throwing itself into the fire to protect its owner that gives me a taste of what that must feel like.

This Great Pyrenees squared up with a grizzly bear to protect his owner while they were on a walk and this Jack Russell stayed by his owners’ side for two months in the woods after a tragic hiking accident, and now I can look to another brave dog doing what it can to keep its owner safe to get a taste for myself.

This video comes to us from a German man who goes out into the woods to shorten the suffering of animals injured by car accidents or hunting mistakes. A report of a wounded wild boar came in, so he and his trusty bloodhound named “Dolk” went out to find it.

Dolk’s tracking abilities were pretty top notch and soon they were within striking distance of the boar, but if you know anything about feral hogs, you know they are some tough SOB’s.

Despite being severely injured, the boar goes on the attack and charges right at the man, knocking him to the ground where he’s dangerously vulnerable to its tusks and teeth, but within a split second, Dolk was jumping in the middle of them, giving the man time to regroup, get on top of the boar, and end its suffering humanely.

Truly, the lack of hesitation to put itself in harm’s way and protect his owner at all costs is admirable. It wouldn’t have taken much for the boar to slam a tusk into Dolk’s side and cause some real damage, but that was never a consideration for the brave bloodhound.

Big shoutout to this German man for doing work like this and a bigger shoutout to Dolk for protecting him. Sadly, Dolk passed away after this video was taken but his memory is alive and well for everyone that watches this video.

I guess the saying of “Man’s Best Friend” really is true…

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