Packers CB Jaire Alexander Got Arguably The Weirdest 1-Game Suspension Ever For Interfering With A Coin Toss

Jaire Alexander

Hard to make sense of Jaire Alexander. The guy is finally healthy after missing six games. He’s someone who could significantly aid the Green Bay Packers’ defensive woes. They’re not out of the NFC playoff race yet.

However, the enigmatic cornerback decided it’d be a good idea to go out for the coin toss on Christmas Eve, almost cost the Packers a full possession, and then proceeded to give up five receptions on five targets for 79 yards against Carolina, AKA the worst team in the NFL.

Because of his pregame antics, the Packers decided to suspend Alexander for Sunday’s massive NFC North clash with the Minnesota Vikings. You know, the team who employs Justin Jefferson as their WR1.

The entirety of Cheesehead Nation is begging head coach Matt LaFleur to stop playing favorites and fire his buddy, defensive coordinator Joe Barry. While that’s totally understandable, Barry has been in a tough spot of late without a cornerback in Alexander who’s been a second-team All-Pro selection in his last two healthy years.

Alexander is a strange personality to say the least. He’s super cocksure, but doesn’t really back it up to be honest. He’s played in only six games this season, and only suited up for four in 2021. Plus, it’s not like Green Bay has put forth strong defensive efforts in the biggest spots in that span. They burned through two Aaron Rodgers MVP seasons without a Super Bowl appearance to show for it.

Listen to his explanation of the coin toss fiasco, as Rapoport calls it:

Since he’s from the Charlotte area, Alexander thought it’d be a good idea to be a coin toss captain even though LaFleur didn’t appoint him to that post. When the referee asked what the Packers would like to do post-toss, he answered that he wanted the defense to take the field first.

Apparently not understanding that he had to say that Green Bay deferred to the Panthers, had the official not asked a follow-up question, the Packers could’ve started both halves on defense. Hence the conduct detrimental to the team. Hence the suspension…

The fact that Alexander doesn’t grasp the concept of coin toss deferral is, well… disconcerting. You’d think someone as visible, highly regarded and good at football as he is would know a basic rule such as this.

Rather than going down the rabbit hole of all the other potential implications that could be inferred from these actions, I have only one question for you, Jaire:

…Because this stunt might’ve cost your team a playoff berth if the Packers secondary gets cooked by Jefferson and whomever the f*ck Kevin O’Connell starts at quarterback for the Vikings on a special New Year’s Eve edition of Sunday Night Football.

I think I know who Jefferson wants to throw him the ball against the Alexander-less Green Bay cornerback corps. Hint: Not Nick Mullens, he who threw four interceptions in Minnesota’s loss to the Lions.

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