The Ultimate Creedmas Carol Is Here, A Mashup Of “All I Want For Christmas” & “My Sacrifice”

Creed Mariah Carey
Creed/Mariah Carey

Move over, Mariah Carey; your melody has been put to better use.

Christmas has been dubbed with a new name, and all of your Creed fans will love this. Introducing Creedmas, the holiday that celebrates the birth of the baby band… Creed.

Well, maybe not, but that is how I am choosing to interpret it.

TikTok users have been going mad with a mashup that has surfaced of “All I Want For Christmas” with the legendary Creed track “My Sacrifice,” turning the solemn tune into a lighthearted Christmas ditty. And because social media algorithms are scary, I have found myself in the THICK of Creedmas TikTok and Twitter.

I might sound dramatic, but Creedmas might rank a close close second to their Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving halftime performance. It’s legendary. With the opening bells from “All I Want For Christmas” setting the tone for the tune, it quickly jumps into the lyrics of “My Sacrifice,” and it works scarily well together.

You need to take a listen to this for yourself.

And if you’re on Aux and don’t sneak this mix into your playlist…you will get loads of coal next year in your stocking.

@grunchrules seasons creedings! #scottstappsunday #scottstapp #creed #mariahcarey #dadrock ♬ All I Want 4 Christmas Is Creed – Grunch

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