Woman Shows Off Stanley Cup That’s Completely Intact After A House Fire – Plastic Straw And All?

Stanley house fire

Stanley Brands needs to start paying these people.

Last month, a TikTok user shared that her car had caught on fire, and her Stanley was left with just a slight char but with all her ice cubes still intact once the fire had been put out. Stanley made a response video to the woman who shared how indestructible these 40 oz. tumblers are, sending her a replacement and offering to buy her a new car.

While the act was charitable, to say the least, the woman who made the video had a comment section flooded with social media users saying they were sold on buying products from the brand. So, while the company was kind enough to drop some dough on her, she probably made them triple what a car costs from sharing her experience.

Although the company said they would never do something like this again, I think they should reconsider that statement after this woman shared another great viral marketing moment for their products.

A TikTok user shared a video of her house being burnt down and not one but two Stanley tumblers seeming unscathed from the flames. In the first video, she picks up the mug and shows a mug in pristine condition.

“So my entire house burned down…and look at my Stanley. Like…I’m being serious.”

The straw and the plastic lid…UNTOUCHED.

@wardrodewinter @Stanley 1913 #fyp #fire #house #firefighter #stanley #stanleycup ♬ original sound – Wardrobewinter

A viewer left a comment addressing how none of the plastic bits on the straw or lit had melted, and the creator of the video shared more clips of additional Stanley cups found in the ashes of the fire, also with no melted plastic.

The additional Stanley cups still had ice as she shook around the tumblers. I’m no expert, but I think a house fire will have more heat than a car fire, and the flames will go on for longer, so I am beyond impressed with Stanley’s product.

@wardrodewinter Replying to @appleuser54377383 keep in mind this was found in the kitchen and the other was in a whole different place ##fyp##viral##firefighter##house##fire##stanleycup ♬ original sound – Wardrobewinter

While this woman’s video was not nearly as viral as the car fire, that did not stop commenters from filling up the section calling out Stanley.

“Stanley, please buy her a house.”

“POV Stanley: You’re on your own on this one.”

“So basically, we need to make houses out of Stanley material.”

“Stanley is on point they survive everything.”

The Stanley effect.”

“So I should hide my money in a Stanley just in case a fire erupts.”

Regardless of whether Stanley Brands makes a response video to this, one thing is for sure…genius organic marketing. Do you know the kind of money large corporations would shell out to try and have their product highlighted in this light?

Stanley Brands will be raking in the cash from these viral moments.

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