Even After A Car Fire, Stanley Cups Will Still Have Ice Cubes

Stanley Cup in car fire

I am here no longer accepting Stanley Cup slander.

As a proud owner of a few, I know the stereotype of girls slinging their 40 oz tumblers around, bumping into things, or frantically trying to order a new limited edition drop, like the recent collaboration Lainey Wilson just released with the brand.

However, after seeing the test that this Stanley stood, I firmly put my foot down that this is a quality drink holder more than a fashion accessory and it needs some respect put on its name. A TikTok user recently uploaded a video of what her Stanley Cup looked like after her car caught on fire.

“So everyone is so concerned about if the Stanley spills; what about if it melts.” 

She said as she showed the charred inside of her vehicle with her Stanley Cup intact. While the plastic straw looks a little limp compared to its normal rigidness, all and all this Stanley withheld some severe heat, both literally and figuratively.

“There was a fire yesterday, and it still has ice in it.” 

The woman picks up her cup, and you hear it jiggling filled with ice.

I’m not sure if Yeti or Orca has done any market testing to see if their insulated cups and mugs would still have ice in them after enduring a fire, but it seems like a market test worth investing in now. Stanley Cups just got their market testing done for free off this success story.

@danimarielettering Thirsty after you catch on fire? @Stanley 1913 is like no problem i gotchu #fyp #carfire #accident #stanleycup ♬ original sound – Danielle

Commenters quickly filled the section with notes that Stanley needs to get this woman a brand deal or patent the color of “burnt Kia orange.”

“Stanley better cut you a check after this advertisement.”

“I’m gonna need Stanley to start making cars.”

“I held off buying a Stanley because I hate following trends, but this…this convinced me.”

“Bruh, what? That’s actually very impressive.” 

“You better patent that color ASAP! Stanley will soon be coming out with a ‘burnt Kia orange.'”

Here’s the kicker though… what if this was all a marketing gimmick? How genius would that be? With the amount of money brands spend on advertising, it would probably be MUCH cheaper, and more effective, to literally burn down a used car with a Stanley in the cupholder, post it on some random account, and let TikTok work its viral magic.

The video has 16 MILLION views in less than 24 hours… do you know what you’d have to spend to get those kind of eyeballs? That’s a Monday Night Football audience, which will run you over half a million dollars for 30 seconds, not to mention the money spent on the creative.

Take notes, people…

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