Morgan Wallen Brings Out Parker McCollum For Duet Of “Man Made A Bar” In Philadelphia

Parker McCollum Morgan Wallen

Talk about a duo I’d like to see more from.

Morgan Wallen is in the thick of his One Night At A Time stadium tour, and he is pulling out all the stops.

The country superstar recently played three sold-out shows at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, where he was joined by ERNEST and HARDY for surprise appearances.

But this weekend while in Philadelphia, Morgan brought out none other than the Gold Chain Cowboy, Parker McCollum.

Parker is on a string of dates right now with Wallen, along with ERNEST and Lauren Watkins, so it’s not the most shocking for him to come back to the stage, but it’s still a fun surprise regardless.

While this duo is stellar to begin with, they made sure to make the appearance a home run by performing “Man Made A Bar.” This was a perfect song choice, with McCollum being able to step in and take over Eric Church’s part of the lyrics. Decked out in a Raising Canes jacket, McCollum flawlessly steps in for The Chief, singing the number one hit’s lyrics.

“God made the world in seven short days
He said it was good, I bet it was great
And God made a man, the man got lonely
He said, “Please, Lord, if I could only have an angel to hold in my arms”

So God made a girl, his best work of art
Oh, but he didn’t make no place to go when she breaks your heart
So man madе a bar.”

The whole performance was amazing sonically. The crowd is eating it up, as you can hear the audience belting out the words with the two country superstars. After this duet, I think both Wallen and McCollum fans will be begging for a collaboration in the future.

Philadelphia, you all really got a treat last night.

@justlurkinnnn Parker Mccollum + Morgan wallen. 🤤🥰#morganwallen #parkermccollum #philadelphia #manmadeabar #foryou #foryoupage #citizenbankpark @morganwallen @parkermccollum ♬ original sound – Andrea

@lanepeaceeParker McCollum 🤝 Morgan Wallen♬ original sound – LanePeace

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