Livvy Dunne Has A Keeper: Paul Skenes’ 7 Strikeouts In His MLB Debut Raised $700 For Veterans & First Responders

Paul Skenes
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Not that any pop culture power couple is going to hold a candle to the wattage that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are generating right now, but Pittsburgh Pirates pitcher Paul Skenes and LSU gymnast Livvy Dunne are quite the pair in their own right. Dunne has raked in millions of dollars as one of the most visible athletes in the NCAA’s name, image and likeness explosion, while Skenes — who met Dunne at LSU — was the first overall pick in the MLB Draft and has a $9.2 million signing bonus already in tow.

Skenes was bringing the heat in his first big-league appearance on Saturday against the Cubs, registering triple digits on the radar gun consistently and striking out seven Chicago batters in four-plus innings of work. Although he was charged with three runs and ended the day with a 6.75 ERA, Pittsburgh yanked Skenes with two on and no outs in the fifth inning.

Had he stayed in, the 21-year-old might’ve retired the side. Oh well. The Pirates still won 10-9, and cue all the clever-minded people who comment with things like, “And Skenes will win when he goes home, too!” Unintentional baseball pun there. You know the drill with all that.

So yes, Dunne’s in-game interview was wholesome…

…And Skenes certainly lived up to the hype on the mound.

…There’s something that transcends baseball and the obvious appeal of the Skenes-Dunne couple that’s worth highlighting here. I only became aware of it by trying to find a different angle on this story, and checking out Skenes’ X/Twitter account.

His only post of the calendar year to date is as follows:

How cool is that? Simple math, too! So Skenes’ seven strikeouts carried far more significance than just about anything else that happened during his MLB debut. Those Ks meant $700 are going to the Gary Sinese Foundation.

Sinise is an iconic actor and a massive supporter of veterans. He played one of cinema’s most memorable military officers, Lieutenant Dan Taylor, in Forrest Gump. Gotta love Skenes joining in to help the cause.

It’s kind of a high-key flex on Skenes’ part, too. He knew that he was going to the big leagues soon enough, and that once he got there, he was going to make the best batters in the world look silly and strike out a lot. Beyond the easy 100+ mph gas he has on that heater of his, Skenes has a secondary pitch that’s arguably an even more lethal weapon: the splinker.

Paul Skenes got that dawg in him. Pitching talent for days. A good heart given his desire to help veterans, first responders, and families. Oh yeah, and he’s dating Livvy Dune. Sounds like a decent life.

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