Kid Goes Straight Up Fetal Position When Bull Moose Charges Him In Jackson Hole

moose charges kid with phone fetal

I will never, EVER understand why people feel the need to get up close and personal with the wildlife at national parks.

Yes, I understand that you may encounter some wildlife that you normally would never see in your neck of the woods, such as bison, bears, elk, wolves, moose, etc., but do people not understand what these creatures have the capability to do to them? Like seriously, do you know what a moose is?

Is a few seconds of internet clout really worth being sent to the afterlife? And you’re not even getting internet clout, you have 124 followers, you idiot. Nevertheless, people still go to national parks and forget how to use their brains, which can lead to some pretty horrific moments…

Luckily for this fellas, it’s just a hilarious moment that could’ve been much worse.

Here we have a moron tourist, or a “touron,” if you will, approaching a massive bull moose lying down somewhere in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. It’s easy to see that the moose is just enjoying the peace and quiet, when this dude comes walking up with is phone out.

Now real quick, let’s run down some moose facts so we know what we’re dealing with because this guy clearly has no idea. Bull moose in Wyoming can up over 1,000 pounds, and stand over 7 feet at the shoulder… just an absolutely massive animal. They have big paddle-like antlers on their head, and a devastating kick that is capable of neutralizing tough predators. Granted, most bulls will use their antlers when they have them (they fall off each year), but they are capable of kicking with both their front and back legs.

Now, moose generally aren’t aggressive, they’d much rather run away than engage in conflict, but the truth is, more people are injured in Alaska by moose than by bears. Why? Probably because people walk up to them with a cellphone…

Back to our Jackson Hole idiot…

At first, it appears that the moose doesn’t even notice the guy sneaking up on him. However, when the guy begins to move to get a better angle, that’s when the moose spots him out of his peripheral. The moose slowly stands up, and the only way it could’ve been more clear to back up is if the moose literally starting talking and told this bozo to get out of his face.

So then what happens? The guy moves CLOSER.

Welp, moose was tired of playing around and delivers a bluff charge to the guy with a death wish, but honestly, it’s the guy’s reaction that makes the whole video. Just priceless.

He screams out like a little girl, and immediately hits the deck and gets into the armadillo position. Of course, the perfect position for the moose to stomp on your head, but it seems like the moose was content enough just embarrass him. And after that scream? I think the moose knew what kind of dweeb he was dealing with.

I guess this guy better be happy the moose decided not to charge him, because it would not have ended pretty.

Check it out:

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