This Drunk Guy Climbing The Fence At Darlington Was PUMPED After Brad Keselowski Won His First NASCAR Race Since 2021

Darlington man climbs fence

Hey, it’s been 110 races so ya gotta celebrate.

Brad Keselowski won not only his first NASCAR Cup Series race since Talladega at 2021, a span of 110 races since that last trip to Victory Lane, but also his first race since becoming an owner of RFK Racing and leaving Penske to drive the #6 car for his own team.

The win came at the end of a wild race at Darlington, one that saw Tyler Reddick and Chris Buescher wreck while racing for the lead in the closing laps and allowing Keselowski to pounce and take home the win.

BK had been racing up front all day, and has been competing for wins all season, so you knew it was just a matter of time before he broke that winless streak. So it was all the more sweeter that it came at such a historic track like Darlington.

And not only did Brad enjoy the win, but the fans did too – especially this (hopefully) drunk guy who climbed to the top of the catch fence to celebrate as Keselowski was doing his burnout.

@mwel97 Drunk fan climbing the fence at Darlington race #nascar #darlingtonraceway ♬ original sound – MasonW97

Now, I don’t know for sure that he was drunk, but based on the video of my guy trying to get up there, and…well, the fact that he climbed the fence, I think it’s a pretty safe assumption.

Hey, he was just trying to celebrate. Although I’m sure security had a word with him when he got down…

And at least he waited until after the race to climb the fence.

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A beer bottle on a dock