Fearless Mongoose Bites Lion Right On The Nose

Mongoose bites lion

It’s not about the size of the mongoose in the fight but the size of the fight in the mongoose.

Mongooses are medium sized animals but are known for being one of the pound for pound most ferocious beasts on Earth. These animals shy away from nothing and will take on anything including much larger animals if they feel threatened or are protecting territory. They use their small size to their advantage maneuvering around and attacking with speed when they do.

But lions are the king of the jungle, reaching weights of 550 pounds. They are wild cats, known like all for their amazing hunting abilities with quick speed, powerful claws and jaws to take down pretty much anything they want to.

This mongoose clearly didn’t get the memo though and flat out just didn’t care.

The lion is seen approaching the much smaller mongoose. But without hesitation thew mongoose stands his ground and even attacks the lion.

A second lion comes into play and the mongoose quickly puts that one in its place, jumping up and landing a bite right to the end of its nose.

What an animal.

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