“It Is Because The Jets Suck” – New Jersey Man Blames DWI Arrest On The New York Jets

DUI jets fan
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Sports have the power to make you feel a certain type of way, and that can be both a good thing and a bad thing.

For tortured fanbases like those who root for the New York Jets, all they’ve really felt as they’ve cheered on “Gang Green” is disappointment, heartbreak, and grief. It’s honestly a miracle that some sports teams who have struggled for decades have any fans left.

Year after year, the New York Jets trot out a team full of hope and rip the hearts out of their fans. Their struggles and quarterback carousel this year has made this popular story from 2018 go viral once more.

This 57-year-old man that was arrested in New Jersey would certainly be better off discontinuing his Jets fandom after he rear ended another vehicle. He was reportedly driving around about an hour after the Jets were blown out by the Bills 41 to 1o when he struck another vehicle with his own.

When police arrived at the scene, they immediately suspected that the New Jersey man was impaired, and upon inspecting his vehicle, they found an open bottle of whiskey and evidence of marijuana use.

The officers at the scene asked why he had been drinking and driving, and the man pulled out an excuse that is technically valid, yet doesn’t have the power to get you out of trouble like he was hoping it would:

“It is because the New York Jets suck.”

There’s no arguing against the fact that the New York Jets suck, but unfortunately you aren’t allowed to use that as a “get out of DWI free card.” The 57-year-old man was charged with a DWI and assault by automobile.

You can take a look at a clip from the news story about the man’s arrest below:

Tough scene…

All of the other Jets fans out there on social media related to the man’s struggles and bad influence the New York team can have on its fans in the reply section below the post:

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A beer bottle on a dock