UFC Fighters Give Their Take On Who Would Win In The Octagon: Donald Trump Or Joe Biden?

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The 2024 presidential election is still almost a year away, but why not just decide things the old-fashioned way?

I mean, nobody really wants to sit through another year of election season. Let’s just put Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the octagon and see who comes out on top. Winner gets the White House.

Doesn’t that sound better than the regular debates?

Well ahead of UFC 296 this weekend, the fighters gave their opinions on who would win this hypothetical matchup – and nobody seems to be giving our current president much of a chance.

When asked who would win in a fight between President Joe Biden and former President (and current 2024 frontrunner) Donald Trump, notable Trump supporter Colby Covington didn’t hold back – while wearing a “Make America Great Again” jacket autographed by Donald Trump:

“Oh my gosh, Donald Trump would knock out Joe Biden within literally 5 seconds.

Literally Donald Trump would knock him out with his lunchbox for hands. If you’ve ever seen his hands, the guy has freakin’ massive hands.

And he used to wrestle. So he’s a real fighter.

You see Joe Biden can’t even ride a bicycle. He’s falling off his bicycle. I mean the guy can’t even walk up a flight of stairs.”

And Paddy Pimblett may be from England, but he knows enough about American politics that he doesn’t think it would be close either:

“Oh Donald Trump would absolutely kill Joe Biden.

Joe Biden can’t even get down the stairs. He falls down them when he’s walking.

Trump would punch his face in.”

I mean, he’s got a point. Gotta maintain balance, which isn’t always Biden’s strong suit.

Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson was equally convinced that Biden wouldn’t stand a chance:

“100% Donald Trump. I think Donald Trump off the top of the cage just pile drives Biden into the floor.”

And Leon Edwards is another vote for Trump in the matchup:

“Yeah I’d probably go Trump. Joe’s too old now.”

Of course there’s one four years in age between the two presidents, but…

Alexander Pantoja had similar reasoning behind his choice of Trump, also saying that Biden’s age is a factor:

“Donald Trump. Joe Biden is too old bro, I’m sorry.”

And Pantoja also sees another problem for Biden: He’s not sure he would even be able to find his way into the octagon.

“Maybe he would go into the wrong direction, I don’t know.”

Brandon Royval also had the same opinion as his fellow fighters:

“Honestly I think Trump would whoop his ass.”

Seems like there’s a pretty clear favorite in this hypothetical matchup. Now, what do we have to do to see it happen? I mean, with all the crazy things going on in politics right now, is this really the worst idea?


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