Hardy Opens Up About Struggles With Anxiety After Serious Bus Crash Last Year: “I Feel Like This Has Happened For A Reason”

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HARDY is opening up about his struggles with anxiety.

Hardy and some of his team were involved in a very serious accident last year, where his tour bus ran off the highway going around 70 miles per hour and flipped into the woods.

His tour photographer/videographer and friend Tanner Gallagher shared previously that everyone on the bus was knocked unconscious, and that multiple doctor’s told them it “was a miracle that we survived.”

It was a truly horrific scene, and this past October, he actually had to cancel a couple of shows because of anxiety attacks which left him hospitalized.

He shared in a post at the time that it had “taken total control of my life,” and stemmed from trauma he experienced last year when the wreck occurred:

During a recent interview with SiriusXM, Hardy opened up for the first time about some of what he’s been dealing with, saying that it was all “completely subconscious,” until it wasn’t, and led him to have to cancel the aforementioned shows:

“It’s kind of amazing what your body holds onto, and anybody that’s ever dealt with trauma in their life… it was completely subconscious.

Coming up on a year of that, and just kinda out of nowhere I had a lot of crippling, it was really hard to explain, a couple of really hard days and I had no idea where they were coming from.

I needed a moment to step away and work in myself, figure some things out, deal with some trauma from that and from other things. At the end of the day, I just want to say thank you to you guys for being patient and showing the love. Thank you.”

He continued, saying that he’s learned through this process that anxiety is something so many people deal with on a regular basis, whether or not they vocalize it publicly, and he hopes to be a voice for people who may not be so willing to share their own personal struggles:

“There’s nothing to be ashamed of… What I’ve learned is that anxiety is an emotion. Everybody in this room gets jealous, everybody in this room gets happy, they get sad, and it’s completely okay and not embarrassing at all to get anxious.

It’s part of being a human being. I truly, I feel like this has happened for a reason because I wanna be a voice for people who maybe are afraid to admit, or ashamed to admit, that they go through that shit because it’s really hard and it’s really hard on you.

If you don’t talk about it or get help, it can weigh on you really bad and bad things can happen from that. I think it’s important to feel comfortable to talk about it, because I have it and I have friends that have it, celebrities, that some are vocal, some are not.

It’s something that a lot of people have and a lot of people deal with. It’s okay to talk about.”

While all of this unfortunately resulted from a very serious life or death situation, it’s cool to see Hardy using his platform and being so open about something that has clearly affected him so deeply and so many others can relate to.

You can watch the whole clip here:


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