Massive Herd Of Elk Swarm Colorado Man’s Backyard

Elk herd swarm Colorado house
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Unless you live in an area with high population of elk, it’s truly hard to imagine a part of the country where everybody lives among them. In states such as Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado, it’s not uncommon to see all kinds of critters in your area.. everything from elk, to bears and even mountain lions.

Seriously, you might have to wait in your car in the middle of the road for 10 minutes as you wait for a bison to cross.

If you’ve been looking for a video that puts things into perspective about how up close and personal the wildlife out in places like Colorado can get, look no further. This video comes out of Loveland, Colorado specifically.

Somebody rolled out of bed on Thanksgiving Day and decided to look outside of their front porch, only to find a massive herd of elk sitting nearly right on their doorstep.

There are seriously too many elk to even count, and they all appear to run directly around the house.

Talk about a wild scene:

Elk Tries To Jump Over A Fence… Fails Miserably

Ya gotta love a good ol’ video of people having up close interactions with creatures like, elk, bison, etc.

Of course, those videos typically consist of some moron at a national park, or out in a residential area approaching an elk and getting way too close for comfort, and end up nearly getting their shit rocked.

With that being said, in this specific video, the elk just did it to himself. In this footage, you can see somebody filming a massive bull elk prancing across a field. However, there’s a fence that gets in the way of the elk’s route…

He tries to jump the fence like a sprinter jumping over a hurdle, but doesn’t quite make it, and the fence lowkey whooped the elk’s ass. The bull gets right back up and tried to play it off like nothing happened, but unfortunately for him, it was caught all on film.

You can even hear the woman videoing say:

“He’s really embarrassed.”

Luckily enough, it appears that the elk didn’t get hurt, but my guy is gonna have to work on his high jump.

Massive Elk Herd Surrounds Home In Colorado Neighborhood

Imagine waking up and going out on the front porch for a morning coffee and seeing every elk that lives in your area sitting right on your front lawn. Seems crazy right?

Well, that’s pretty much what happened here.

Elk in Colorado have the highest population in the world. That means there’s just bound to be human interaction from time to time. And if you’ve ever been in Estes Park, you know they’re EVERYWHERE.

These animals are very gregarious, as they tend to live in herds. Elk herds can often be fairly large with 200-400 individuals traveling around together.

Folks in this Colorado neighborhood learned that in very weird fashion as a whole herd decided to rest right in somebody’s yard all around their house. People driving by captured footage of the wild occurrence as the elk all lay down around the homes. There is even a massive bull elk seen sitting right at somebody’s front door.

That would certainly be shock to walk outside or come home to. I mean, what are you really going to do? It’s probably not worth trying to shoo away a massive bull elk. The consequences aren’t worth going inside.

This is some wild stuff.

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