“AMAZING” – Colorado Mom’s Heartfelt Excitement Over A $14 Bucket Of Wendy’s Chili Gets A Viral Reaction

Wendy's Chili

Who knew Wendy’s chili would get someone so fired up?

The internet needs to protect this woman at all costs. A TikTok user shared a video that her mom sent in a family group chat of her THRILLED about a bucket of chili that you can order from Wendy’s.

While the mental image you might have of Kevin from The Office spilling the vat of chili is not that large… it is still eye-opening that you can order that much Chili from Wendy’s.

“Look at what I just got at Wendy’s. A giant bucket of chili. It’s called Family Chili.” 

She says behind the camera, showing off the large serving, and on the table, you can see that this mom laid out all of the fixings on the kitchen island. After giving the chili a second in the spotlight, she goes down the island to highlight what else you get with the Family Chili order.

Crackers, cheese, onions, and this might seem a little excessive, but finally:

“TWENTY-SIX packets of hot chili seasoning.” 

Wendy’s is really sending people home, making sure they can reach their desired spice level. Now, you might be wondering how much this gourmet meal would cost you, and don’t worry; this mom is here, ready to give you the price breakdown.

“Guess how much all of this was. If anybody guessed $14, they are correct.


This woman gets a 12/10 on presentation and enthusiasm talking about this chili deal.

At least you know if the holiday cooking from your family sucks, you can head down to Wendy’s to save the day. I mean, who doesn’t love a chili?

Moms are the best.

@dreherb2020 Moms are just the cutest! #wendys ♬ original sound – Andrea Price

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