Jelly Roll Shares Heartwarming – And Hilarious – Phone Call With His Mom To Tell Her He Was Nominated For Two Grammys: “What Do You Think About Tanya Tucker?”

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Gotta think that was one of the best calls of his life.

Jelly Roll is one of the hottest names in music right now, after releasing his debut country album Whitsitt Chapel earlier this year, scoring three #1 singles, a win at the CMA Awards for New Artist of the Year, and now being nominated for two awards at the upcoming Grammys.

It’s quite the redemption arc for the rapper turned country star, who’s been open about his struggles with addiction and spent time behind bars after being arrested for armed robbery when he was just 15 years old.

And Jelly Roll’s not taking it for granted. The superstar has spoken about how he feels like it’s his responsibility to give back to others – especially to his mom.

Speaking with the New York Times podcast Popcast, Jelly Roll (whose real name is Jason DeFord) got emotional recalling the moment he got to call his mom to tell her that he’d been nominated for two Grammy Awards:

“I called my mother the same time, but it was me getting to call a woman I’ve called from jail, a woman I’ve called homeless, a woman I’ve called addicted, a woman I’ve had to sit down and tell he I had a drug addiction, a woman I’ve had to tell her I was running from the police, a woman I’ve had to call with all this horrible news… and I got to call and say I just got nominated for 2 f**king Grammys… it’s the craziest call you can make.”

And today, he shared a video of the heartwarming call with his mom, who may just be my new favorite person in the world.

As Jelly Roll calls Mama DeFord, he admits that it took him awhile to be able to make the call because he wanted to be able to do it without crying. But when he tells her that he’s been nominated for two Grammy Awards, it takes her a minute to understand:

“You got me two presents?”

Nothing like a classic mom misunderstanding to make you laugh through the tears.

And after he once again repeats the big news:

“You got me what?”

Tell me this isn’t the most relatable thing you’ve ever heard. Calling your mom, in tears, to tell her maybe the biggest news of your life…and having to explain it over and over again until she understands. We’ve ALL been there.

But once she finally understands what he’s trying to tell her, she had another question:

“Well what are they?”

Classic mom.

Jelly explains that the Grammy Awards are the biggest awards in music, and Mama Roll is of course thrilled for her son – but tells him that she’s going to need a reminder to tune in:

“Well you’ll have to remind me because I don’t remember good.”

If I didn’t know any better I would think he was talking to my mom on the other end of the phone. This is how pretty much how all my conversations go too.

Of course Jelly Roll’s mom isn’t going to need a reminder to watch the awards, because he told her that he’s taking her to the show so that she can be there in person with him.

And then she moves on to the more important topics:

“Well what do you think about Tanya Tucker? I remember when she started!”

I can’t get enough of Mama DeFord.

And before the call was over, she also had something else important to cover with Jelly Roll:

“You have to come see my puppy!”

Aren’t moms the best? Even when you’re telling her the biggest news of your life, she’s still just…mom, and you’re still just her son, no matter what.

@officialjellyrollI’m getting momma a nice dress and she’s coming with me to the Grammy’s

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