You Can Get Into The Carolina Panthers-Atlanta Falcons Game For $0.45 This Weekend

Carolina Panthers NFL
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While every other concert and sporting event can’t get the prices to stop rising, the get-in price for one NFL game this week couldn’t be any more affordable. The Carolina Panthers are taking on the Atlanta Falcons this weekend at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the lowest ticket price is jaw-dropping.

With the Panthers boasting a record of 1 and 12, and the Falcons sitting at 6 and 7, the demand for the game is not high at all. And if you remember your high school economics class, high demand means higher prices, and low demand means…you guessed it, $0.45 tickets.

No, I did not forget to put a number in the dollar spot. You can get into the Panthers-Falcons game for less than 50 cents (before taxes and fees). If you are looking to experience an NFL game, yet probably have to sit through an ugly football product, there has never been a better time to make it happen:

Not a great look for the Carolina Panthers…

To say that they’ve had a rough go at it this year would be an understatement. Their number one draft pick Bryce Young hasn’t looked all that great, and the fans even rallied together to have a “things need to change” parade earlier in the season.

But if they were hoping for sympathy from social media, they must not know how the internet works. Football fans on X (formerly Twitter) have been quick to make jokes about the low get-in price of the NFL game:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock