Carolina Panther Fans Planning March To Protest Their Terrible 1-8 Team

Bryce Young
Eakin Howard/Getty Images

There are bad football teams, and then there are “your fanbase is scheduling a march to protest how much of a dumpster fire your organization is” football teams.

There’s really only one way to put it. The Carolina Panthers have had a pretty rough go at it so far this season, currently holding the worst record in the NFL at 1-8 after dropping their latest game to the Chicago Bears on Thursday Night Football.

What can you do if your favorite team is terrible? Well, most people just sulk, or turn off the TV and refuse to watch their team play for the rest of the year. I know I’ve been there (thanks a lot Louisville basketball).

However, some fans of the Carolina Panthers have something else in mind, and have decided to organize a march (or protest) to speak out against how bad their team is performing. The mind behind the march is a user on X (formerly Twitter) by the name of “PantherNationPC,” and they shared this message on their social account:

“We love our team but it’s time to demand better performance on the field. Let’s show our passion (peacefully) and push for change!”

A lot of blame has been unloaded onto the shoulders of rookie quarterback Bryce Young, who certainly deserves some criticism, yet it can’t all be blamed on him.

Just watch this video from the Panthers’ TNF matchup versus the Bears. This pretty much sums up the entire season for Carolina, and also begs the question “what is Bryce Young supposed to do?”

Take a look:

From the looks of that turnstile offensive line, there might be more to the problem for the Panthers than their rookie QB…

So if you are a disgruntled Carolina Panthers fan, or you are just bored and wouldn’t mind to get in on a “March for Better Football,” join the multitude of livid Panther faithfuls in the March on Mint, taking place this Sunday right next to the stadium.

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