New Video Of Aaron Rodgers Practicing Has New York Jets Fans Both Excited & Anxious

Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers is really going to do it, isn’t he?

The story of Aaron Rodgers becoming a New York Jet hasn’t exactly gone according to plan, though it does still have the chance to have a storybook ending. At 40-years of age, the future hall of famer is trying to do the impossible: return from a torn Achilles in the same season that he suffered it in.

Many have doubted that Rodgers could come back from an Achilles tear that he suffered on September 11th, and had surgery on days after the fact. However, his rehab and recovery process has been aggressive and somehow expedited, which has made some ask if he ever really tore his Achilles in the first place.

But each and every week, it seems that the New York Jets quarterback has gotten a little bit better. First, it was videos of Rodgers walking without the aid of crutches, then it was the former Super Bowl winner showing off his arm and throwing bombs down on the field.

And now, a new video from a New York Jets practice showing Aaron working on his footwork and ball placement marks a new checkpoint in the talented football player’s journey back into live action. There have even been rumors as of late saying that Aaron is trying to gear up for the Jets game on Christmas Eve game against the Washington Commanders.

You’ve got to admit, for someone that suffered a devastating injury just three months ago (and with the fastest return to sports formerly being 6 months), Rodgers is looking pretty, pretty good.

Check it out:

Hopefully people understand how wild it is that Aaron is doing things like that three months removed from the Achilles tear.

Jets fans are definitely excited to see Rodgers’ progress, but it is safe to say that they’ve got mixed feelings about him coming back. Though it would be an amazing story, and certainly should lock up “Comeback Player of the Year,” there is some risk to returning, which Aaron has said he’s not worried about.

Anyone that calls the New York Jets their team was excited to see Rodgers throwing and running, yet at the same time voiced their concern about the 40-year-old QB rushing back to save a season that might not be worth saving:

Not sure if that last meme is supposed to be Aaron Rodgers saying that, or Jets fans saying that, but it actually works for both.

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