Man Chased Up Tree By Big Bear, & Guy Filming It All Couldn’t Care Less

Bear climbs tree after man
Meanwhile in Russia

Meanwhile in Russia…

I was familiar with the stereotype of Russians being tough as nails, but this video takes that to a whole other level. In any other country, witnessing someone getting attacked by a bear would be a horrifying experience. It’s not everyday that a big bruin goes after a human in your backyard, and if you were there to see it all go down, it would certainly be something that you never forgot, and you most definitely did not take lightly.

But in Russia, watching someone get chased up a tree by a bear is apparently just another Tuesday afternoon. The man filming this entire unbelievable video could not have cared any less about seeing a man off in the distance get chased up a tree by a black bear.

The footage starts with the videographer checking out some used televisions and knick knacks in an outside market. When he hears some commotion off in the distance, he ventures outside the market’s tent and look to see where the noise could be coming from.

And as it turns out, the noise is coming from a man who has shimmied himself all the way at the top of a tree to avoid the bear, who has managed to climb itself about halfway up the trunk. It sounds like the guy is yelling at the bear “no” and to “go away,” and as a viewer of the video, it’s incredibly intriguing stuff.

However, the guy filming it all wasn’t all that interested. He let out an audible sigh (as if he had witnessed this 100 times before, and maybe he has?) and then instead turned his attention to some bright colored cars off to his left that one could assume were for sale as a part of the market as well.

He never really pans back over to see how things are going with the black bear and the man in distress after that, though you are briefly able to see later on in the footage that the man appears to have coaxed the black bear off the trunk of the tree below him.

It’s honestly one of the more wild outdoors videos I’ve ever seen, and I hope you get as much enjoyment out of it as I did:

If you looked up “chaotic” in the dictionary, it should somehow be able to redirect people to that video. How absurd was that whole thing?

It’s not a stretch to say that the video felt like a weird dream sequence. YouTube commenters would probably agree with on that, just based on what they said below the scary-yet-hilarious clip:

“He exhaled like this isn’t the first time the bear has chased that guy up a tree.”

“A used TV market, a stork, a bear that hunts a man, absurd pastel-colored cars, and a rabbit. Everything is so random, and so perfect.”

“Guy in a tree is about to get eaten by a gigantic f**king bear. Cameraman is like ‘meh, check out these old Ladas.'”

“The compassionate camera man seems like watching a bear after a dude is very normal and peaceful. Just another day somewhere in Russia.”

“‘Just a man trying to escape from a bear…..did you want to look at my lovely yard art instead?  Well, you are in luck.'”

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