Coworkers Laugh Their A*s Off Watching Man Get Attacked By A Goose While Walking Into Work

man vs goose
YouTube/Krishna Balakrishnan

Rough way to start the workday…

And even worse that his coworkers knew what was coming and just let him walk right into it.

This video shows a man who’s clearly going to some boring 9-5 desk job that he hates, already ready to clock out and just counting down the hours until the weekend. Your classic beatdown employee who’s just here so he doesn’t get fired. You can see it in the way he walks.

But little does he know that as he walks into his job like he does every day, his coworkers are watching out the window with anticipation, knowing what’s about to happen to the man who’s already beat down enough as it is without having to face off with an angry Canadian goose.

Alas though, that’s exactly what happens. The goose pops out like a troll guarding his bridge and isn’t about to let the guy pass without a fight.

He tries to sidestep the goose blocking his path, and then swats at it with his newspaper (yeah, you know it’s an older video because newspapers were still a thing), but unfortunately that just sets the goose off even more.

The guy continues to swat at it, not realizing that there’s another goose sneaking up behind him just ready to jump into the fray if he needs to.

It appears that our man finally manages to fend off the goose, who retreats as the man starts to walk away – but the goose isn’t about to let the man off that easy.

The goose comes in for round two, and as the man moves to pick up a bag on the ground, the bird suddenly realizes it has the upper hand – and the ability to fly – and decides to go at the guy from a higher position.

Finally the goose apparently decided that he was sick of being swatted with a newspaper (because you know that goose could have kept going if he wanted to) and lets the man pass.

He’s greeted by a woman who’s apparently the owner of the bag that was on the ground – and had probably fallen victim to the same bird and had just ditched her bag as she ran for safety.

And the whole time, their coworkers are just laughing their asses off from the window.

I hope the rest of his workday went better than this. If I were attacked by a goose on my way into work, I would probably just turn around and go home. (Especially since I work from home anyway).

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