Charles Wesley Godwin Joins Cole Chaney For Stellar Performance Of “Back To Kentucky”

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Tired of us talking about Charles Wesley Godwin’s back-to-back sold-out nights at the Ryman yet?

Nope? Good, because we aren’t done yet.

CWG, besides putting out one of the best albums this year in country music, is just a class act as a person, too. From his engagement with fans, his ability to open up about how he made it to where he is now, and inviting today’s up-and-comers to stand alongside him on tour, there is no act that he has done that would make one believe he’s not a stand-up guy.

During the second night of his Ryman Auditorium run, CWG stepped out on stage with fellow Appalachian native Cole Chaney to sing one of his songs with him, and it was killer.

Cole Chaney is a name you need to know if you aren’t acquainted. If you are a Charles Wesley Godwin fan, I will bet on you becoming a Cole Chaney fan.

The East Kentucky native has an excellent singer-songwriter persona and lays down some knockout songs. One of them is “Back to Kentucky.” During his opening set for CWG’s show, he pulled out the ditty and was joined by the man of the hour.

Chaney opens the track, powerfully captivating the audience with the low rumbles in his vocals as the song builds. As he opens up his vocal range leading up to the chorus, his band joins him for harmonies that send the crowd wild. You can hear the audience singing along at this point, supporting him through the lyrics.

“Oh, take me back to KentuckyLet me sleep in her loving armsLet me watch that fading ridge lineLet me die where I was born.”

After the first time through the chorus, Charles Wesley Godwin walked out on stage and took the second verse. Chaney steps back from the microphone, gladly letting him take the lead while he is supported on acoustic guitar. After his verse, CWG steps back and observes Chaney sing the track like a teacher watching his student.

They wrap up the song, singing through the chorus one last time together, and the crowd is going nuts at this point.

Cole Chaney is an extraordinary talent in his own right, but CWG joining him on stage is the best way to get people into seats for these opening acts. There is no way to discover new artists than seeing them live, and when word travels that the main act is giving the audience more stage time by joining the openers, people will show up early.

CWG using his stardom for good. Check out this killer performance.

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