Black Bear Nearly Collides With Skier While Crossing The Slopes In Lake Tahoe

Bear nearly crashes into skier

Whenever you go on a skiing or snowboarding trip, there are typically only a few things that worry you, such as things like getting stuck on the ski lift, or absolutely busting your a** while going full speed down the slopes.

However, probably the last thing on your mind is colliding with a whole bear that made its way onto the slopes. As unlikely of a situation as this is, a handful of snowboarders and skiers nearly faced this terrifying reality while making their way down the slopes at the Heavenly Resort in South Lake Tahoe, California.

In the wild video footage, you can see a big ol’ bear begin to make its way in front of a large group of skiers. Luckily, one of the skiers in front noticed the bear, and was able to weave out of its way as it charged across.

But for the person filming? The creature ran directly in front of them, and got within only a few feet before finally making its way onto the other side. Of course, this is just a difficult situation, because it’s obvious the bear didn’t have anywhere else to go besides taking its chances and crossing in front of the skiers and snowboarders.

I can’t help by think what it would be like if he actually hit the bear though… if you’re that bear, do you get up swinging or just keep going on your merry way? This is just another example of why you have to always be aware of your surroundings while going on a trip like this.

Ya never know what might happen in bear country.

Check it out:

@tao7570 Almost hit a bear skiing down ridgerun Heavenly. Didn’t realize it was a bear until it was too close #Tahoe #LakeTahoe #tahoelife #travel #heavenly #ski #bear #wildanimals ♬ original sound – Tao

Bear Chases Skier Down The Mountain As People Warn Him From The Chairlift Above

You’re shredding the fresh powder in the breathtaking mountains of Romania. Then you hear a scream from above and look back and see a bear walking towards you. As you start to ski down, it starts running at you full speed…

Can’t imagine it, right? Or, at least don’t want to.

And for some reason it seems to happen often in Europe too, we posted the snowboarder a bit ago and another skier too. Well, this was the case for this Romanian skier, according to Ziarul de iasi. Skiers on the chairlift going back up were able to capture the whole thing on video.

The skiers filming the incident can be heard yelling to the man in the video.

“Come on, the bear is chasing you!”

“God forbid, don’t look back! ”

As he is skiing along he seems to realize what is going on.

That would certainly have the adrenaline pumping a little harder than your normal trip down the mountain.

The man eventually ditches his bag in an effort to distract the bear. Apparently, it worked too, he is said to have made it safe and sound to the bottom. Split-second decision paid off well.

The same ski resort had a previous sighting of a bear cub crossing the road earlier that week. It almost seems like the bear chase could be marketed as an attraction draw more people to the resort… you know, have a little ski trip and a high speed chase from a hungry predator? Ok, maybe not…

Authorities had been contacted about both sightings and had plans on trying to relocate the bear. They relocated one the year prior. Since it’s a reoccurring issue, you best be on guard if you go here…

When authorities approached the bear involved in the chase it ran away off the ski hill. That makes your relaxing day on the slopes just a bit more stressful then it ever should be. It will certainly put a little hop in your step, you don’t want be caught moving slow there.

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Grizzly Bear Reacts To Seeing His Reflection In The Mirror

There are some days where you roll out of bed, about still half past drunk after staying up until 4 AM with some of your buddies.

You go to the bathroom to try and recollect yourself, and you look in the mirror, and you’re looking at yourself like you had just been through warfare…

Then you go straight back to bed.

THAT, my friends, is the Sunday Scaries.

That’s the thought that keeps reoccurring in my mind when I see this hilarious video of a bear seeing his reflection for the first time in a mirror out in the woods.

In the video, you see the big ol’ grizzly bear just sniffing for scent out in the wilderness, when it is shocked to see itself looking back at him or her.

The bear goes into complete panic mode, starts jumping around, and ends up ripping the mirror off the post.

Rough night, aye?

In all seriousness, this bear doesn’t know what it looks like (there’s usually no mirrors in the woods), and was probably just ready to go to war with whatever bear is encroaching on its territory.

When it tore mirror down though, it had to be thinking to itself:

“What kind of sorcery is this?”

Also reminds me of this drunk guy trying to fight himself:

But nevertheless, the internet won again with some hilarious comments:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock