Snowboarder Didn’t Realize He Was Being Chased By Brown Bear Until He Watched The Video

You take some cool footage of doing your favorite outdoor activity only to watch it later and find something terrifying on the film. Almost unbelievable, especially since you never noticed.

Just like all the old stories of looking at a photograph and seeing a cougar in the trees.

The Indian Express says that this happened to a Brazilian man who was on vacation.

DJ Alok, a DJ from Brazil was in the French Alps getting some shredding in. He decided to take a video of him going down the hill on a snowboard.

Alok gets his selfie stick ready to ensure proper footage is taken (dork), but as soon as he stands up, he starts off downhill. As he straightens out and starts to pick up speed, a large dark creature appears.

It’s a Brown Bear. A very large Brown Bear.

And he doesn’t even know it’s there…

Thankfully, the bear appears to stumble as it’s running and stops it up leaving a fair distance between the two. It is enough for the bear to call it quits.

Alok summed up what we were all wondering. He did not know it was there until afterwards.

“I was checking some videos from my trip and… what a day!”

It almost seems unbelievable. The video almost seems fake.

But, then again, every time I see Brown Bear footage it almost seems fake. They are so big and amazing; all close-up shots look like they are impossible.

Thankfully, this fella didn’t notice, it could have slowed him up… and then the bear could’ve ate him up.

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