Osprey Dives Underneath The Water & Bursts Back Through The Surface Gripping Barracuda In Its Talons

Osprey snags a fish

Being a fish of any kind doesn’t seem to be all that great.

You are always having to watch out for predators swimming with you in the water, and if you aren’t careful, you can also get attacked from the skies above the water. Predatory birds have basically made fishing an art form at this point, considering that any video I’ve seen of a bird swooping down to grab a fish is as beautiful as it gets.

This video showcases the after part of fishing for birds, specifically for this osprey who dove deep down into the water to capture a barracuda. Osprey utilize their hawk-eyed vision (pun intended) to spot fish under the water as they fly above, and have been known to dive into the water at speeds of 50 miles per hour.

That gives them the ability to really dive deep underneath the water’s surface, and capture barracuda like this Osprey did in the outstanding, slow-motion footage. After it locks onto the fish with its powerful talons, it brings it up above the water and starts to use its massive wingspan to lift itself (and its catch) back into the sky.

As you might imagine, it’s one of the more majestic outdoors clips you’ll ever see.

Take a look:

What a great catch for that Osprey, and what a horrible nightmare for that fish.

Everyone on social media that watched the video was blown away by the Osprey’s display of its fishing ability, sending out replies to the post saying:

Well, to answer that question, you’ve really only got two choices. You could go with “I’m Gonna Miss Her” by Brad Paisley, because it has plenty to do with fishing. However, the song’s BPM might not match the moment, and since the Osprey is picking up a barracuda, you might as well fire up the rock classic “Barracuda” by Heart.

Either will work though…

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