New England Patriots QB Bailey Zappe Says He’s Not A Taylor Swift Fan: “I’m A Country Music Guy”

Bailey Zappe
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There’s one golden rule that stands far above the rest: Never, under any circumstance, get on the wrong side of the “Swifties.”

New England Patriots quarterback Bailey Zappe must have not been aware of that, because he quickly got himself on the wrong side of the Taylor Swift fanbase when he voiced his non-interest in the pop star’s music. It was bad timing too, because the Patriots face off against Swift’s favorite NFL team (the “crybaby” Kansas City Chiefs) next weekend.

In the radio interview, the newly crowned New England QB was asked if he was a fan of Taylor Swift’s music, and he was quick with his reply:

“No ma’am. No ma’am. This is not a shot at Taylor Swift. I’m not not a fan, I just don’t listen to that music.”

When you listen, it’s truly shocking how fast and how surely he answers that question. Zappe was already saying “no” before the radio host could get off her question. Another one of the show’s host then hit Zappe with a follow up, asking what kind of music he does listen to. The young QB replied:

“I like…is she country? I’m a country (music) guy. So that’s probably why (I’m not a fan) since she transferred over to pop. I know some of her old songs whenever she was in country. I mean…I don’t dislike her.”

That’s when one of the co-hosts tried to back Zappe into a corner, asking the hard hitting question of whether or not Taylor Swift was a sell out. The New England Patriots QB was just as quick to answer that as he was the first one :

“No, no, I did not say that at all.”

Smart move Zappe, very smart move. Someone in his ear must have been telling him to save his own you-know-what after he was so quick to say he wasn’t a fan of the pop star.

You can view the clip of the interview (where Zappe almost became the Swifties’ most hated person) below:

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