Hardy’s Wife, Caleigh, Shows Superfans “How It’s Done” & Chucks Her Bra On Stage

Hardy bra on stage

Caleigh Hardy is showing them how it’s done.

The trend of fans throwing bras on stage is a tale as old as time. While I am sure that those performing would much rather have a C-cup come flying their way than a beer can, it still falls into the realm of either loving it or hating it as a performer.

While some bra on-stage moments have led to hilarious interactions, like Parker McCollum noting he “didn’t know they made ‘em this big,” Riley Green getting one during a song about his grandfather passing away, or outside of the country music realm, the astonishing collection that Drake racked up (sorry I had to) while on tour… I don’t think bras being flung on stage will go anywhere anytime soon.

Caleigh Hardy is making sure her man only sees the most important bra, though…hers. During a recent show, she had some fun while in the crowd showing fellow bra slingers how it is done.

“Had to show these girls how it’s done.”

She captioned the Instagram Reel. She takes off her bra and moves to the front of the barricade, getting ready to make the toss. She catches the eye of Hardy beforehand, and he catches the bra, looking at her endearingly and with a “what is this” smirk.

Afterward, he walked around on stage holding it for a while before he hung her bra on the mic stand for the rest of the show. Hardy replied to her video, noting that he liked the joking act.

“I love you so much.” 

Is this a modern-day love story? Nothing says “love you” more than tossing a bra up on stage and living out your fangirl dreams.

At least Caleigh knows she will be getting it back, and her outfit didn’t need it for the rest of the night.

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A beer bottle on a dock