Parker McCollum Has Hilarious Reaction To Large Bra Thrown On Stage In Wilmington, NC: “I Didn’t Know They Made ‘Em This Big”

Parker McCollum country music

Parker McCollum has some feral fans.

It has been a hot minute since I heard a story of fans throwing their undergarments on stage, and it has been even longer since I’ve last seen a social media video of someone catching the footage in real-time.

Leave it to Parker McCollum fans to fill the gap—no fights or horrid drunks at his shows, just some good ole bra throwin’.

An apparently well-endowed fan threw her bra to the stage during his set in Wilmington, North Carolina. Shockingly it made it to the performer’s feet, where McCollum picked it up and looked at it in awe.

After taking a good look at it, McCollum had some hysterical comments.

“Dang…..that’s a full hammock. 

I didn’t know they made ’em that big…but I’m glad to know they do.” 

Guess that t-shirt tucked into jeans was really causing his fans to swoon.

If you want to catch Parker McCollum in action, here are some upcoming cities he will be in.

Parker McCollum Summer Tour Dates

June 8th- Corpus Christi, TX (American Bank Center Arena)
June 9th- Midland, TX (The Hacienda Event Center)
June 10th- Dallas, TX (Dos Equis Pavilion)
June 17th- Bridgeport, CT (Hartford HealthCare Amphitheater)
June 22nd- Youngstown, OH (The Youngstown Foundation Amphitheatre)
June 24th-  Indianapolis, IN (TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park)
June 29th- St Augustine, FL (The St. Augustine Amphitheatre)
July 8th- Wichita, KS (INTRUST Bank Arena)
July 13th- Brandon, MS (Brandon Amphitheater)
July 14th- Huntsville, AL (Orion Amphitheater)
July 15th- Orange Beach, AL (The Wharf Amphitheater)
July 23rd- Modesto, CA (The Fruit Yard Amphitheater)
July 25th- Paso Robles, CA (California Mid-State Fair)
July 27th- Cardwell, MT (The Bridge at Three Forks)
July 29th- Nampa, ID (Ford Idaho Center Amphitheater)

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