The Surprise Ending Makes This The Best Hockey Fan Fight Video You’ll Ever See

hockey fight

I’ve seen a lot of videos of fans fighting at sporting events over the years.

It seems like ever since COVID, fans have lost their damn minds and are ready to brawl in the stands at any second.

But I guarantee you’ve never seen a fight end like this one.

It starts out as a pretty routine fight at what appears to be a minor league hockey game, although it’s a little embarrassing for the guys who are brawling. They do some grappling, hold onto each other for awhile, the shirts start coming off, but not a whole lot of actual punches being thrown.

Eventually bystanders are able to get the two separated (and one guy even jumps in and takes a swing at one of the guys who was fighting) and at that point you think the whole thing’s over.

But then comes a twist that not even M. Night Shyamalan could have written.

As one of the men celebrates (although there’s not much to celebrate), he bangs his head on the glass – and knocks himself out cold.

I would ask what he was thinking, but it’s clear there wasn’t much thinking going on.

The man lays on the ground as confused onlookers finally step in to help him back to his feet – although the man’s already proven that he’s quite the wildcard, so it might have been better to just leave that one alone.

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