Former University Of Colorado Players Reveal You Have To Take Your Shoes Off In Deion Sanders’ Office

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University of Colorado

Coach Prime can’t catch a break.

After the electric start to The University Of Colorado’s season against TCU, many thought that Deion Sanders had turned around the school’s football program till things went south… and I mean SOUTH.

With the team ending with a 4-8 season, the last few weeks were filled with players leaving the program, three of his assistant coaches parking ways, and, in his personal life, separated from his fiancée of 12 years.

The hard hits keep coming. As two of his former players sit down with Jason Whitlock to talk about Coach Prime and why they left, some wild things come out of their mouths. Many collegiate coaches share close relationships with their players, fostering them on the field and in their personal lives. However, that does not sound like that is the kind of relationship with his players.

Caiden Robertson sat down with the Fearless host to discuss his brief time on the team with Sanders as his head coach. Whitlock was stunned when Robertson said that he had not had a singular conversation with Sanders while playing for him.

“So your time with Deion is brief, and as a player, it’s even briefer. But you never had a single conversation with Deion?”

To which Robertson replied.

“Not one.”

He then goes on to elaborate that Sanders made himself very unapproachable.

“With his doors being closed, and the sign that says ‘Don’t come unless you’re asked to come in.’ Or whatever it says, and got to take your shoes off to walk on the red carpet he had outside of the office.”

Whitlock pauses him because he wants further answers about this.

The other former player sitting next to Robertson noted there was a red doormat outside his office that said, “Did I say you can come in?” But the more idiotic part is the shoes having to come off before his players enter his office.

Whitlock is chuckling, trying to grasp what these young students are saying and responding with shock.

“Holy cow…”

The comments filled up, and they are polarizing. Some fans of Whitlock’s show say that Deion is in the wrong for this and should have more of an open-door policy with his players.

In contrast, others seem to think that Whitelock is using these players by having them on his show and that any other big coach will probably have similar policies, often throwing out Nick Saban as an example.

“Reaching again, my brother. Think any other Power 5 coach does it any different?”

“Deion’s wrong here.”

“Sport Illustrated Sportsmen of the Year right there!”

“You guys are both trash and should be embarrassed. Hey kid, I’m not sure what you’re trying to prove, but you’re embarrassing yourself.”

“Deion’s Schmuck status confirmed.”

Regardless… the shoes off to enter the office is wild. It seems like his players are entering his home or something. One thing the public can agree on is that this season for the Buffs and Sanders as a coach is…polarizing.

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