Wisconsin Fisherman Catches Massive Chinook Salmon In A Storm Drain

Fisherman catches salmon in drain
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This is what it is all about. An unexpected catch is what keeps fisherman running to the rivers, lakes and streams in their respective areas. The hope that a big one will come out of nowhere keeps dreams alive.

It’s videos like this that help that too. A situation where a fish is easily expected, just not a big one and then out of nowhere you have a story to tell the boys for years to come. One of the best parts of living in this era is that you will always have a cellphone in your pocket will fishing. This provides the opportunity to document your tall tales so that no one call BS on your fishing story.

These men went out for a day of fishing in Wisconsin.

When they got to their desired fishing hole, a small creek with pretty clear water, they realized there were some monster Chinook salmon (also known as king salmon) just hanging out there. These fish are called king for a reason. They are the largest of the salmon species and can grow to lengths of 58-inches and over 100-pounds. A salmon fisherman’s dream to say the least, with the average fish being between two and three feet long…

They are a classic salmon with rich, pink meat that is delicious, arguably the best tasting of all salmon species. Native to the Pacific Northwest, they’ve been introduced into all five of the Great Lakes, and become a common target species for Wisconsin fisherman on Lake Michigan.

However, these fellas were not on Lake Michigan, but a back-channel creek near a storm sewer. These men start spot-fishing near the storm drain and immediately have king salmon interested in their lures. They hook into a monster and reel him on in after about 15 minutes of trying to land one.

It’s hard to beat catching a fish like this, especially when you are not expecting it.

Brown Bear Steals Salmon From Alaskan Fisherman

Talk about a wild encounter.

Catching a sockeye alone is a dream for most fisherman. A tasty and large fish that roams the waters of the west coast, it also just so happens to be a bear’s favorite meal in that neck of the woods.

Alaskan brown bears love their fish. A single bear can consume up to 30 fish in a day when the fishing is good. Yes, they are better fisherman than most of us… they do it with their bare hands.

They get a lot of rich nutrients from eating the fish and when they are plentiful it makes for an easy way to put on lots of fat for the winter. In areas with high amounts of fish, they will make up a large portion of a brown bears diet.

This fisherman found that out the hard way.

I mean, I’m sure he knew what he was getting into going fishing in wild Alaska, but he still found out. As he reels in a sockeye salmon, a fish known for its great taste, a brown bear watches eagerly… must be a popular fishing spot.

The man watches the bear closely, but what can you really do with a mature brown bear standing there just waiting for dinner? Not much is the answer. As he gets the fish into shore, the bear runs out, grabs it and takes off with his catch.

All the man can do it laugh.

“While fishing for sockeye salmon in remote Alaska. A brown bear took my catch. The end result, everyone was safe.”

What an encounter.

Grizzly Bear Charges Group Of Fishermen

This would get the old heart pumping a little harder than normal. I mean, they also could have moved to a better spot and practice better bear aware safety by trying to scare the thing off. But, that’s besides the point…

This would make just about anyone nearly shit themselves out of pure fear.

Grizzly bears are a beast of animal, hunting for almost everything they eat. A large grizzly can weigh north of 1,500 pounds, but even a small one is a big animal. Naturally, you just don’t want to have a close encounter with these animals… just the thought of what they could do to a person is enough to make you avoid that situation.

And yet, even though they are ferocious beasts, everyone can’t help but admire their beauty. The massive animal is just cool to see in action.

This group of fishermen encounter a young grizzly while they were standing on a bridge. As the grizz slowly walks across the bridge towards them, they just stand there filming. Doesn’t seem like the smartest idea…

When the grizzly gets right next to them, it lunges at them as if to say “I could take you down if I wanted to,” but luckily, they were spared by the bear who continued to mosey on down the bridge. The people yell and the bear just continues on without a worry in the world.

Time for a change of pants…


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