Big Wyoming Buck Rescued After Getting Entangled In An Electric Fence

Deer stuck in electric fence in Wyoming

We’ve all heard of being stuck between “a rock and a hard place,” but how about being stuck between “a snowy field and an electric fence?”

That’s the predicament this big mule deer buck faced in Wyoming. The antlered animal was doing its best to free itself from the entanglement, though it was likely just making the situation worse.

Luckily for the deer, two men were passing by and saw the struggling animal, and decided to step in to help. Knowing that the distressed buck would be aggressive, the two men carefully approached it, and had one hell of a plan to dislodge the deer.

One of the men is carrying an extra jacket in his hands, while the other has a pair of wire cutters sheathed to his side. As they got close, the mule deer squirmed even more violently, until one of the men managed to cloak the animal’s head with the jacket.

Once its vision was obscured, the deer calmed down, and was more apt to allow for the men to help. The guys got to work quickly, with one holding its head and cutting the wire of the electric fence, and the other holding down the deer’s backside.

After a matter of seconds, the two men had the big buck freed from the wire, and removed the jacket from its head so it could return to the wild. The post’s caption gave a little bit more insight on the specifics of the encounter:

“What a great day out here in the great state of Wyoming. What are the odds the guys would come across a Mule Buck tangled up in an electric fence? Obviously pretty good on November 25th (Saturday), 2023!

Well, our guys did, and they did such an amazing good deed in saving this Mule Buck so it could live to see hopefully many more days. What an awesome experience.”

Yeah, maybe an awesome experience for the two guys saving it. I doubt the mule deer would describe its personal experience as “pleasant” and “awesome.” This is just me guessing here, but I’d probably venture to say that it was one of the worst days of the deer’s life…

That being said, it was definitely thankful for the help. The mule deer might have been a goner if these two guys didn’t come along to help.

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