Arlington, Virginia House Explodes As Police Try To Execute Search Warrant

Arlington Virginia home explosion
Alex Wilson

This is some Walter White sh*t.

Yesterday evening, in Arlington, Virginia, police officers responded to a call in a neighborhood after residents heard between 30 and 40 gunshots fired off. Police showed up at the home and attempted to execute a search warrant to talk to the resident, who was secluded inside of the home.

CNN reported that police stated:

“During the course of the investigation, officers obtained a search warrant for the suspect’s residence and attempted to make contact with the suspect over the telephone and through loudspeakers. The suspect did not respond and remained barricaded inside the residence.”

While they were attempting to make contact, the suspect fired out several rounds inside the home of what was believed to be a firearm. Suddenly, the home violently exploded. It was not a window bursting out kind of explosion, but the multi-story home flew apart into thousands of pieces. It looks like Breaking Bad turned real-life sort of explosion.

Reports show that the suspect was the only person in the home at the time of the explosion, and three officers received minor injuries from the explosion, but thankfully, no one was hospitalized.

Upon the explosion, several homes surrounding the then-collapsed house were evacuated as police were worried about the fire spreading.

“As soon as the fire is brought under control and there is no threat or risk of that fire spreading to those structures, neighbors will be brought back in as the situation determines.”

Said Nate Hiner, Captain of the Arlington Fire Department.

There have not been developments on why the suspect initially fired off all of those shots, leading to police investigation, or what the motive for the explosion was. However, the incident occurred about five miles from The Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

The video of the explosion was shared on social media, and the comments are PRIME, given how horrific this could have been:

Can you imagine being the neighbor in a dead-ass sleep?”

“That’s real meth’d up. Maybe they should have waited until next tweak.”

“Me after Taco Bell…”

“Gas leak or meth lab- or they just heard my mixtape.”

“Don’t fuck with Kevin McCallister.”

“These gender reveals are getting out of hand.”

“My brain when the GTA 6 trailer dropped early.”

Y’all have to watch this, though, it’s WILD.

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