Deion Sanders Says Georgia Should Be More Mad About Their College Football Playoff Snub Than Florida State

Deion Sanders
The Dan Lebatard Show

Are you done being upset about the College Football Playoff selection committee yet?

Maybe you are one of the few who didn’t actually have a problem with the four teams the group of who-really-knows-who picked out to compete for the national championship. Most of everyone else has a bone to pick with the CFP committee.

One coach that everyone thought would be in contention for the CFP three weeks into the season was University of Colorado head coach and former NFL star Deion Sanders. Coach Prime and his team started 3-0, then limped to a 4 and 8 finish, which wasn’t enough to become bowl eligible, but was enough for Sanders to win Sportsperson of the Year…somehow.

But since he wasn’t in contention for the CFP, and wasn’t even eligible for a bowl game, Sanders has some free time now that the season is over, and used some of it to speak with the Dan LeBatard Show with Stugotz.

There were many different topics that came up during the conversation, but one that stood out was Coach Prime’s thoughts on the College Football Playoff selections of Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Alabama, and more importantly, the snubs of Florida State and Georgia.

During the interview, Sanders related the college football landscape to a business, saying:

“A lot of people don’t look at it as business. I look at it as, this is entertainment but this is business. So (there’s) no way you’re gonna leave Coach (Nick) Saban and Alabama out of a playoff.”

Nick Saban’s one-loss Alabama team sliding into the last spot of the CFP is what really got people upset. They made it in over an undefeated Florida State team, which was apparently excluded because their star quarterback got hurt two weeks prior to the final CFP ranking.

FSU, which is Sanders’ alma mater, has been viewed as the biggest snub of the entire fiasco, though Deion thought that another team should be even more upset about not being included in the CFP:

“Who should be really upset, not only Florida State but (Georgia head coach) Kirby Smart. He’s been number one for the last two or three years, and they’re out? This is unbelievable. I want those problems! Give me those problems!”

Sanders does have a point there. The Georgia Bulldogs have been dynastic in the last few years, and their only loss this year was by 3 points in the SEC Championship…to Alabama (roll tide).

You can view Coach Prime’s thoughts on the CFP, among other things, in the video below:

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