Oklahoma State Launches Criminal Investigation After Dead Longhorn Found In Fraternity Yard Ahead Of Big 12 Championship Game Against Texas

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Oklahoma State students have found themselves in some hot water.

With the Big 12 Championship just hours away from kickoff now, a few OSU students might be more worried about their status at the University instead of the scoreboard based on an event that happened on campus last night.

At 6:30 AM, Stillwater police responded to a call of a dead animal in front of the FarmHouse Fraternity house. In the yard was a dead longhorn steer with a large gash and a branding on its abdomen. The imagery from this is not only devastating to see but is also a case of animal abuse, launching a criminal investigation.

“A criminal investigation is underway on the Oklahoma State University campus where a dead Longhorn steer was found this morning in front of a fraternity house. Stillwater Police tell me that the animal was found in front of the Farmhouse Fraternity around 6:30. OSU plays the Texas Longhorns in the Big 12 Championship tomorrow.”

While many think that this was a football prank gone wrong (not sure what genius thought this was a good prank), the branding is pointed at the fraternity instead of the University of Texas, whose mascot is the Longhorns and who is OK State’s opponent during the football game tomorrow.

Preliminary investigation seems to indicate that this actually has nothing to do with the University of Texas, or the football game, but rather a rivalry between notable Ag frats, Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR) and FarmHouse.

The steer appears to be crudely branded with a metal bar versus an actual branding iron with the notion:

“F**k FH” 

My first questions would be directed towards members of AGR…

The university put out a statement regarding the launch of the investigation.

“Oklahoma State University is appalled at the disturbing display of animal cruelty that occurred overnight at an off-campus location near a fraternity house. Stillwater Police Department is investigating the incident, and the university’s Office of Student Support and Conduct also has initiated an investigation. 

Oklahoma State expects all students to adhere to university codes of conduct, and appropriate action will be taken based on the outcome of the investigation.”

And the fraternity also issued a statement condemning the actions:

While this is disturbing to see, no matter the school, a prominent agricultural school like Oklahoma State is highly disheartening. As the person behind the keyboard typing this, an alum of the school’s animal science program, it is even more upsetting.

College kids can be dumb, but this is really dumb…

(Issuing a warning to end your reading here if you have a weak stomach.)

According to the OK State Probs Twitter account, the two frats have been placing dead animals in front of each others’ houses, and took it too far. The tweet also indicates that the longhorn was already dead, and not killed by anyone int he frat:

“I’ve had Farmhouse and AGR guys DM me, as well as other numerous sources. Essentially, there has been a rivalry between AGR and FH for a LONG time, and there have always been harmless pranks.

In the last couple months, both frats began throwing dead animals (squirrels, raccoons, etc.) on each other’s lawn. The steer was already dead on the land of one of the AGR member’s grandparents land. *I’m assuming the grandparents asked their grandson to remove of the dead steer and he called his friends to help* which lead to all of this.

Farmhouse is refusing to show police their camera footage to the police, because (as I was told by a current FH bro) “we feel just as guilty for how long this has been going on and don’t want anyone to get in trouble.” In a black and white sense – a steer was found dead on the porch of a fraternity with its stomach slashed open and profanity branded on the side of it.

All of this has nothing to do with Texas, and is not the way OSU represents itself. I will keep you updated if any more information comes out.”

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