Man Tased At Nashville Mall Was Reportedly Cited For Urinating On Things At Bass Pro Shop

Opry Mills police chase
Scoop: Nashville

In the spirit of Christmas, this is the story that just keeps on giving.

A couple of days ago we brought you the video of this cornfed hoss with a majestic mullet giving a police officer at the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville a run for his money before getting tased and falling to the ground – then getting up and taking off again.

The video, posted by Scoop: Nashville, shows the man apparently hoping that the powers of his mullet would kick in while trying to escape a pursuing police officer at the mall here in Music City. But unfortunately, despite some pretty good efforts from the big guy, the officer managed to catch up to him and deploy his Taser to get our man to the ground.

Another guy (who strangely looks exactly like the one the officer was chasing) walks up to them while the first guy’s still on the ground, and the police order him to get back.

The guy who was tased gets up while pleading his case to the officer that he wasn’t doing anything wrong. (It sounds like he’s saying something about buying a duck call, but with “Last Christmas” playing throughout the mall it’s hard to hear).

Anyway, when that doesn’t work and the officer brings out the cuffs to make his arrest, the man’s fight-or-flight instincts apparently kicked in once again – and he was off.

He doesn’t get too far though, eventually falling to the ground while continuing to ask the officer what he’s done.

Well know we know what he’s done – or at least, what he’s accused of doing.

WSMV here in Nashville reports that the man, John Huff, was reportedly cited for…wait for it…urinating on things at the Bass Pro Shop.

There’s reportedly video that shows him getting caught in the act before the off-duty officer working as a security guard began to pursue him, though that video hasn’t been released yet. (Trust me, we’ll bring it to you when it is).

After all that though, the man reportedly got off easy. Instead of a trip to the Metro Nashville Jail, he was only issued a citation.

I guess the officer wasn’t too pissed off. (I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist).

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