Firefighters Channel Their Inner Curler & Push Stranded Deer To Safety On Frozen Minnesota Lake

Deer firefighters
Prior Lake

Now this is supporting your local community if I’ve ever seen it.

As the winter weather really starts to set in across the country, ice fishers are gearing up to try and pull some fish out from under the surface, but while the biggest concern may be breaking through thin ice, there’s another concern that’s less thought of, but every bit as present.

Getting stuck on slick ice.

Fortunately us humans can throw on some gear to prevent this but animals may not fair as well, as this deer found out the hard way just a few days ago.

Reports of a deer stranded in the middle of frozen Pike Lake in St. Louis County, Minnesota came into the Prior Lake Fire Department and they immediately sprung into action.

Just last year another Minnesota fire department had to rescue a buck that had broken through thin ice, and while this deer was still above surface, it didn’t make the mission any less dangerous.

Although it’s been cold up north for some time, there’s always the concern that the ice isn’t yet at the proper thickness to be walked on, so the firefighters decided to crawl on hands and knees to reach the stranded deer, whose legs were all splayed out and was unable to stand up.

Approaching from the back as to not scare it, they quickly realized the animal was much to large to carry to shore, so they came up with an idea based on everyone’s favorite Olympic sport: Curling.

The used a type of broom to push the deer towards the edge of the pond, where it was able to regain its footing and run off to safety.

Big shoutout to these firefighters. I’m sure they get all sorts of calls like this throughout the winter months, and although it’s not exactly what they signed up for, these men and women are always ready to do whatever they can to support their community.

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