Returning To Practice From A Torn Achilles Wasn’t Enough For Aaron Rodgers, He’s Also Become A Killer Jets Ticket Sales Rep

Aaron Rodgers
New York Jets

Look at Aaron Rodgers go. Fewer than three months after tearing his Achilles in Week 1, the New York Jets just opened up his 21-day window to practice and be activated off of injured reserve for a most improbable return to the field this season.

Rodgers had to aggressively attack his rehab with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind to invoke the great Jim Harbaugh, who’s bound to make his own return to the NFL sooner or later.

But don’t think that the future first-ballot Hall of Fame quarterback was monomaniacal in his focus on healing that Achilles. He was low-key training for a backup gig. Or trying to contribute to Gang Green however he could while he was on the mend. Whichever way you want to look at it, you can’t help but be impressed with Rodgers here, as he rewards two lucky fans with tickets:

It’s so great, because whomever is on the other end seems to have no idea who they’re talking to. Rodgers caps the video by telling the actual ticket sales rep to shoot him the email address of those lucky ticket recipients. If only we could see the look on said person’s face when they open their inbox, see an email from Aaron Freaking Rodgers, and, I’d infer, get some seriously incredible seats for whichever game at MetLife Stadium.

I personally think it’s dumb as all get-out for Rodgers to return for the stretch run of this season, as opposed to focusing on his rehab and being in as peak of a condition as he can be for Week 1, 2024. Far be it from me to tell the guy what to do, though. He told us he was going to laugh in the face of any traditional timeline from his injury, and has been steadfast in keeping hope alive that he could play again during the current season.

That all seemed super unrealistic mere weeks ago. Now we’re maybe, what, a couple weeks from it actually happening? I don’t think anyone in that Jets organization would let Rodgers get away with this unless it was clear his body could handle it. At least as things are trending right now, it sure looks like Rodgers is about to defy the odds and change the course of modern sports medicine.

Beyond his prospective impact on the field, it’s almost more impressive how Rodgers has carried himself since landing with the Jets. yes, they catered to his every need, yet he’s reciprocated that and then some by still staying so involved with the team, buying in 100% to the program overseen by Robert Saleh, and mentoring anyone who’ll listen to him.

Rodgers is way more engaged than he was at the end in Green Bay. The NFL is better with him in it. Let’s just hope this unprecedented comeback attempt thing works out as well as the endearing stunt he pulled in the ticket sales office.

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