Post Malone Takes A Cold Plunge Into Elvis Presley’s Pool After Stripped-Back Performance Of “(You’re The) Devil In Disguise” For ‘Christmas At Graceland’

Post Malone

What genre can’t Post Malone do?

Just when we think we are seeing Post settle into his country music era, he throws us a curve ball and hits fans with some classic rock ‘n’ roll from the king himself, Elvis.

For the Christmas At Graceland special, Post Malone laid down a stunning version of Elvis’ “(You’re The) Devil In Disguise.” The simplicity of Post with a guitar and his voice highlights his raw talent.

“Jumped in the pool at Graceland. Love you so very much, Elvis.”

Filmed on a platform above the pool at the Presley residence in Memphis, Tennessee, Post Malone sports a dapper leopard print suit, fitting the over-the-top clothing theme that Elvis is known for.

From the moment Post opens his mouth, the vocals combined with the vintage sound from the guitar, it’s magical. He starts singing with a light touch as the opening lines of the song seem like it’s going to be angelic until he ramps it up a little for the punchline.

“Talk like an angel
But I got wise
You’re the devil in disguise
Oh, yes, you are, devil in disguise.”

The whole performance is spot on. At the end of the song, Post looks at the camera and says:

“I love you so very much, and I love you so very much, Elvis. Have a great night and a Merry Christmas.” 

With that, he strums his guitar one last time and then jumps into the pool with his guitar and all. Once he is in the pool, you can hear the producers laughing, saying that the pool isn’t heated.

But cold plunging is on trend right now, right?

Check out the whole performance; you won’t regret watching this one.

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